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The Romanian Fiscal Law is a very complex and continuously developing field. Both individual and corporate clients need assistance in order to learn about the fiscal legislation, to understand and to apply it. We respond to this permanent need for expert advice by providing the legal possibility to avoid the negative effects that may occur as a result of the legislation misinterpretation, to reduce the fiscal obligations, to avoid the double taxation, as well as to defend the rights infringed by authorities.

Our law office can provide legal assistance to both corporate and individual clients. On corporate taxation our specialist services include: the elaboration of structures to improve the company’s taxation systems and the conceiving of systems to cut down taxes and duties, elaboration of strategies as regards the taxation implied by acquisitions, mergers and division, transfer pricing, withholding taxes and complex aspects related to the avoidance of double taxation agreements concluded between Romania and other states, customs taxation, excises, value added tax (VAT), other local duties and taxes.

For individual taxation we provide legal assistance on a wide range of aspects related to the global income taxation, as well as to the property taxes and other local duties and taxes.

The juridical assistance in this area includes drafting legal opinions, grievances and appeals, as well as representation before the public authorities and the Courts of Justice.

Our experts:

Oana Elena Nasta – Partner