Banu si Asociatii


Listen to your Client! Develop open, dialogue, and be receptive.

Place yourself in Clients shoes! His problem is of utmost importance for him. Express the legal matter in terms your Client comprehends and make it as clear as possible.

Provide the Client with workable legal instruments! A lawyer’s added value comes from supplying practicable legal solutions.

Be creative! Look at a problem from all angles. Sometimes the best solution is found in unconventional approaches.

Never hesitate to ask for your colleagues’ opinion! Team work is very important as it can provide fresh outlook of the problem.

Never give a client the It is not possible answer! It is very rarely that no solution is found to one’s legal problem.

Assume responsibility! Do not hide behind disclaimers and proactively safeguard your Client’s legal interests.

Always be in favour of discreet conflict mediation! Exhaust all chances of amicable settlement before seeking court resolution of the legal matter.

Build and maintain mutual trust and respect with your Client! Once you’ve grown to understand each other, you can trust each other’s judgment.

Above all, be honest! Never assume merits which are not your own. If something isn’t working, it’s best to address it right away, in a straightforward approach.